My Top 10 Tips for Awesome Puppy Training

The day has finally arrived to introduce your new dog into your home!

The cutest puppy ever!

Like most people you probably have high expectations that your little fluff ball will progress seamlessly into a well behaved adult dog.

Unfortunately this is not always an easy process, and as an owner you will face many challenges along the way. These challenges are all part of the fun of being a dog owner!

This article presents useful tips to help you with the initial stages of puppy training.

1) Be Prepared and Do Some Research

Have a dog bed ready – or your lab might get sad!

It is important to be prepared before the puppy arrives. It is surprising how many people forget to buy puppy food or a bed for their puppy, before it arrives!

If you haven’t owned a dog before, then do some research.  It will make things easier in the long run.

Things to buy: 

  1. A good quality puppy food. Check what the breeder was feeding and talk to your veterinarian for advice.
  2. Food and water bowls.
  3. A good quality collar, a harness and a lead.
  4. A puppy crate with suitable bedding.
  5. Puppy toilet training pads if necessary
  6. Suitable puppy treats.
  7. Puppy safe toys- not to be easily broken or swallowed.

2) Start the Training Process Early

It’s never too early to start!

The sooner you start with basic training the easier the process will be. This means that from DAY ONE in the new home, the puppy should be introduced to basic rules and training. It doesn’t need a few weeks to “settle in”. This doesn’t need to be an overly strict or scary process but the sooner the puppy gets into a routine the sooner it starts to learn.

3) Make a List of Puppy “House Rules”

It is a great idea to make a short list of “house rules” for the puppy. Ideally all family members should sit down and agree on this together.


  • The dog should not be fed scraps from the table.
  • The command to be used for toileting is…
  • The dog is not allowed on the sofa.
  • Do not disturb the dog when he is eating.

4) Be Consistent With Your Training

Consistency is key! Anyone who is involved with the puppy on a daily basis should be on the same page when training or disciplining the puppy- hence why the “House Rules” are so important.

Go hard or go home!

When the puppy gets into a daily routine it will feel more relaxed and learn more quickly. This includes feeding at regular and consistent times, which in turn means regular and consistent toilet breaks.

Consistency always helps to eliminate confusion. For example, if one person does not allow the puppy on the sofa, but the other person does, then the puppy will be very confused! Start as you mean to go on.

5) Patience is Important

You will need an abundance of patience. If you find yourself getting frustrated or angry with your puppy, take a moment to calm down and walk away.

Do not hit your puppy. They do not understand what they have done wrong. Hitting your puppy can cause trust issues.

6) Short, Fun Training Sessions Are Best

Some dogs are always smiling!

Training is more effective if you have a short, fun training session than a long, boring one. In longer sessions, the puppy will lose concentration and become tired and frustrated.

Aim for 5-10 minutes of training each day.

It is important to reward your puppy for good behaviour. It is called positive reinforcement and makes training fun. Rewards don’t always have to be food, they can be toys, praise or a cuddle.

7) End Training Sessions Positively

Spread the love!

End a training session with 5 minutes of play. If you end a training session on a good note, the training will be remembered in a positive way.

Playing is also an important part of their development. Just like a child, a puppy needs to play to develop social skills. Through play they learn to share their toys and to also to be disciplined if necessary when they are being too boisterous.

8) Realize That Every Puppy Is an Individual

It is important to remember that every puppy is different and will learn at its own speed. Some puppies will be motivated by food, others will not. Some puppies will love to fetch, others will not. Try not to compare your puppy to anyone else’s.

It is important to develop your own bond with your puppy and understand their needs. It is also necessary to learn your own puppy’s body language- to realize when they need to toilet, when they want to play or when they are feeling frightened or intimidated.

9) Handle Your Puppy Every Day

Stroking a dog everyday shouldn’t be too hard!

Stroke and groom your puppy every day with gentle praise, so it learns to enjoy being groomed. This should again be done in short periods daily, so that it doesn’t become tiresome.

It is important to get your puppy used to gently looking at its teeth, ears and feet from an early age. This will make it easier to clip its nails or apply ear drops, if necessary when it gets older.

You also get to learn what is normal for your dog, so that as it gets older you can more easily notice any changes, painful areas or lumps.

10) Go to a Puppy Socialisation Class

Early socialization with other dogs is crucial to your puppy’s future development. A puppy socialization class will allow your puppy to mix with a variety of puppies of different breeds and sizes in a controlled environment. The class coordinator is usually a trained dog behaviorist, and can give you useful feedback and tips. Puppies can usually attend these classes after their initial course of vaccinations.

Socialization classes also have the added benefit that you can meet other like-minded owners, and share all your puppy horror stories without feeling embarrassed.

Do you have any tips in addition to those above? Feel free to leave a comment telling me more below – I’d love your input 🙂

Dog Food Secrets Review – The Ugly Truth

Dog Food Secrets HeaderI happened to stumble upon the book “Dog Food Secrets” when researching recipes for homemade doggie treats for my black labrador.

I was utterly disgusted by the dangers commercially processed dog food exposes dogs to – so I decided to do some more research about the subject and even publish my own Dog Food Secrets review.

I honestly hadn’t given homemade food for my dog much thought when I came across the book. This naturally sparked my curiosity so I even purchased my own copy of the book and the following is what I learned:

Why even consider homemade dog food?

It’s simple! Essentially – you need to know exactly what your dog is eating. Trusting the brands of the commercially canned foods blindly is not the best decision for your dog long-term.

The downside to the easily bought, commercially processed dog food is that it contains by-products along with added chemicals and preservatives in them that can definitely harm your dog in the long run.

One of those chemicals in particular is menadione – a vitamin K supplement – which is a possible carcinogen.

dog eating vegetables

Homemade dog food is great for another cause as well – special diets! Being able to throw something together for your dog with their diet in mind at home will prove to be invaluable to him or her.

As you might probably already know – some dogs need a special diet.

Some dogs are on a high fiber diet, some on a high protein diet and some on a sensitive stomach diet. With the knowledge you’re able to gain in this book you’ll be able to cater to your dog’s diet from the comfort of your home!

Taking control over what your dog eats and making everything for it from home is the single most important thing you can do to your dog apart from what you’re already doing. This is simply because you’ll be ensuring a long life thanks to the balanced, fresh and clean diet.

Your dog won’t be able to thank you enough!

So – what is Dog Food Secrets?

Dog Food Secrets, simply put, is a downloadable book which teaches you how to make fresh and tasty meals for your dog. It’s really simple – would you prefer eating food straight out of a can or rather have something fresh prepared when having a meal?dog food secrets ebook - dog food secrets review

Not only does Dog Food Secrets give you awesome recipes for homemade treats – it also gives you lots of insight into the dietary requirements of your dog. The more you know, the more your dog grows!

In fact, a lot of dog owners who have followed the advice in this very book have prolonged their dog’s life expectancy by years (compared to the average lifespan of the breed).

Who’s the author of the book?

Andrew Lewis! Andrew Lewis is a dog food nutritional expert and author. He has been working with dogs all over the world and therefore has a wide range of experience.

In consultation with lots of dog experts and other veterinarians Andrew met while he was abroad he decided to compile everything they knew and could agree about into a book – Dog Food Secrets!

So what’s actually inside Dog Food Secrets?

To make a long story short the book mainly consists of recipes for dog meat and vegetables your dog will fall in love with! In addition to that the book also covers recipes for dog biscuits and cakes in case you’re throwing a party for dogs sometime soon 🙂

The book contains as much as 90 pages of information that in turn contain dozens of recipes for everything from large dogs to puppies. You won’t have a hard time finding a fitting recipe for your dog in this book. Remember – everything is homemade so you can sleep well at night knowing your dog is only eating organic food!

Like I said earlier – the book also covers the nutritional requirements giving you insight into exactly of how much your dog needs to grow and feel well. In the end you’ll have a dog with a balanced diet and less visits to the veterinarian.

The following is an excerpt from the book – namely 2 recipes:

Dog Food Secrets: Basset Hound Cookies Recipe
Dog Food Secrets: Basset Hound Cookies
Dog Food Secrets: Thanksgiving’s Truly Turkey

The above are only two of hundreds of recipes contained within the book. Your dog will forever be grateful to you.

This begs the question:

Can one feed their dog a combination of homemade food and processed dog food?

No. At least not from a nutritional perspective if you ask us.

In fact, some people can’t be bothered to cook for their dogs on a daily basis so they simply buy the book for later use on a special occasion – such as on the dog’s birthday! There ain’t nothing sweeter than cake on your birthday – human or doggie!

One thing to add is to always keep an extra can of canned dog food in the cupboard just in case you’re out of vegetables some day. The reason being: you don’t want to have to choose between you or your dog!

I would definitely urge you to take a look at the brands found in The Confidential Dog Food Report as they’re much, much better than regular commercial dog food brands.

What if my dog doesn’t like the food?

In 9 cases out of 10 the dog falls head over heels in love with their new diet.

In the rare event that your dog doesn’t like their new food – take a look at the brands found in The Confidential Dog Food Report before reverting back to a commercial product.

It’s a big step to go organic for your dog but it’s not a big deal to revert back to canned foods.

The Reason Why I Love Dog Food Secrets

Let’s be honest – it’s not common to cook your own dog food at home. But for those of us who do – our dogs are generally much more healthier and happier than their counterparts.

Dog Food Secrets will teach you everything you need to know about cooking for your dog.

It doesn’t matter if you have a puppy or a large dog – it’s all in there! Cakes too!

Another awesome aspect of purchasing the book – if not the best – is the ability to join the Dog Owner’s Club. The Dog Owner’s Club is a community of people who all own dogs and love discussing every bit about them. There’s a huge section for dogs so I’m sure you’ll like it over there.

It’s a great resource – definitely one of the better – for talking with other dog owners all over the world. You can talk about your dog or just make some new friends online that happen to be dog owners.

In addition to the above – the book gets updated with recipes and information from time to time! If you purchase the gold package you get to take part of lifetime updates of the book to no additional charge.

This essentially means it’s possible for you to be up to date about homemade dog food for your dog for the rest of it’s life.

Some of the Hardships I Faced

The most obvious thing about all of this is that it’s not convenient to make meals for your dog all the time. Heck, it can even be a daunting task getting it done for yourself at times!

It will definitely take a lot more of your time – and in all honesty – probably cost you a bit more (depending on what brands you’re currently buying).

But it’s worth it if your dog is your best friend and you want to maximize their life expectancy.

On a positive note – the book does go into detail about how you can lower your costs by buying your ingredients in bulk for example – or to prepare a big amount of food just as you would with a lunch box – and freeze it for later use.

There’s also something named dry dog foods in the book which essentially ends up being food you can store for month. In general – refrigerated dog food recipes last me for a week so dry dog foods can be an awesome complement to that.

Additionally – for older dogs – it’s important not to make a sudden change to their diet. This is extra important if it’s an older dog who’s been eating processed dog food for all of their life.

A gradual transfer from processed dog food to homemade dog food is The Lab Coach’s recommended approach. This works in most cases.

The same doesn’t ring true for puppies luckily – with them one could say they’re simply off to a good start!

Is there an alternative to all of this? Yes!

For those of you who simply aren’t looking to cook for your dog all the time – there is another, much lazier alternative that somehow gets the job done although not as effectively as cooking for your dog would have.

In addition to Dog Food Secrets, Andrew Lewis also published a book named “The 9 Very Best Ultra-Healthy Dog Food Brands in all of North America”. This book comes only with the gold package meaning you have to buy Dog Food Secrets in order to be able to access it.

To make a long story short it simply outlines the very best canned dog food brands that have been scientifically tested and deemed safe for dogs to eat. This is because the products in question only contain organic ingredients. Out of all the brands in the US – only 9 passed the test!

Conclusion of my Dog Food Secrets Review?

Not a lot people have the time to commit to something like cooking for their dog often. But for the ones who do – they get to enjoy a much happier & healthier dog! Even if you do end up trying the recipes but still find yourself not finding the motivation to cook often – start doing it only during the weekends!

I basically think of this product as a healthy diet plan for my dog and although it’s too early for me to tell exactly how my dog has been affected he surely seems as happy as always.

I strongly recommend you check out Dog Food Secrets. Your dog will be forever thankful! This is the single best source of information about homemade food for dogs on the world wide web right now.

Never forget that the importance of your dog’s diet cannot be understated. The nutritional needs of your dog have to be cared for – simply because they cannot do it themselves. It’s as important as love, shelter and companionship.

Take a look yourself – click here!

download dog food secrets pdf

Have you purchased Dog Food Secrets? If so, were you satisfied with the content?

Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know what you thought of it 🙂

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